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HI mesaguy, good comments. If I wanted a video game I would buy an x box. I like gauges. I also own an equinox with a similiar control layout and navigation system. It will be familiar and not foreign to my wife.
Our cascada is out east waiting for a rail hauler to bring to Cincinnati. It will come in after we leave for Florida. Dealer will be putting it on his showroom floor which we are not excited about. The sales manager is pretty much copping an attitude if we want out he can make more money selling it to someone else.
You guys enjoying yours as much as ever ? Getting a lot of attention? Going as expected? Are they going for book or more out your way ? My dealer wants the protection package bought as well. Did you try your key fob top control yet ? I just see the cars in the paper once and awhile, no big sales push, I'm sure just because you can't get them. Have fun !
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