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: Things I've Noticed

11-14-2015, 12:22 PM
I would love to purchase a Premium. In reading everything I can about the Cascada, I notice a few other things in addition to the lack of a Blind Spot Monitor, which is a MUST for me.

1. The lack of "sharp" colors. No reds or lighter blues. Most colors are DULL and the only one listed that I would consider is the White and "perhaps" the Dark Blue.

2. Can't find much on interior colors other than black or Tan. The Tan is not bad but would rather have a light gray. Black is out of the question.

3. Can't find any information on USB Ports or Power Ports.

4. In the Buick website, where it shows a photo of the center screen, it shows the icon for XM Radio. (Note that [SiriusXM] Sirius and XM are NOT the same).
Both owned by the same company, like GM owns both Chevrolet and Buick, but they use different Satellites. XM drops the signal much more often than Sirius Signal. Also, the Travel Link on Sirius is MUCH better than Travel Link on XM.
We have two cars, one with XM and one with Sirius. Also had cars in the past with each. Sirius beats XM hands down.

11-19-2015, 05:41 PM
The way I see how they're introducing the Cascada to the american market is just to do what's enough to get by and even to test the waters.

So things like a blind spot monitor could be what we get next year.

04-27-2016, 05:05 AM
Interesting ( I'll need to read up more on this

Dennis Carlson
04-27-2016, 03:56 PM
I have the Carbon Black with Jet Black interior. The interior color is more of a dark grey or charcoal.

There is no blind spot monitor but if you adjust your outside rearview mirrors correctly you can almost eliminate any blind spots. Of course you can completely eliminate them by driving with the top down. The back up camera is very wide angle and gives a great view behind when backing up.

Yes, there is an USB port in the console.

04-29-2016, 10:48 PM
I was an advocate for blind spot monitoring and to was upset when Buick didn't have it. I own the premium now as well and have not had any issue without having blind spot monitoring. If you traditionally know how to use mirrors you should not have issues. The rear glass panel is also adequate.

Color and interiors are limited. I own the greystone metallic with the black interior. I didn't believe it, but the seats claim to be heat reflective, and no they do not get hot.

Have you considered the toasted coconut with the tan interior?

The cars mylink system displays XM which is the only GM offering I've had with no problem. You can also pair your smartphone for music and text messaging.

These are sweet machines.