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: Help with Cascada Setup

02-11-2017, 07:00 PM
Good evening! I just brought my beautiful new Cascada home today and I am having difficulty finding anywhere in the owners' manual where I can code in access to my garage. Is there such a thing? I have a new 2016. Thanks much!!!

02-11-2017, 09:53 PM
I have owned my Cascada since April of 2016. As far as I know there is nothing in the Cascada that you can code in your garage access code. I keep my garage remote in the small flip out drawer on the left of the steering wheel.

If you find out different please let us know.


02-13-2017, 05:04 AM
You made a great choice, you'll love it. Unfortunately there is no home link button. It doesn't seem to be any great deal. I have a Little remote I keep under the AC plug in the cubby hole right ahead of the shift lever, works great.
They messed around with some pricing options on the 2017, but all is the same. You made a good choice on the 2016. Have fun !

02-14-2017, 11:51 AM
gene2016---------it's always good to see you on here! I just clip my garage remote to the driver side visor and it works fine. It's been convertible weather lately here in Arizona and that's one of the reasons I wanted the Cascada so much---------it's convertible weather out here for all but a few of the hottest summer months. Also, as you may recall, I had some early electrical problems but a new battery (covered by warranty) fixed the problem.